Gardens Imaging Solutions, Inc.

William L. Sparwasser

About the NEW Ownership of Gardens Imaging Solutions, Inc.

William (Bill) Sparwasser, an industry veteran, was formerly the Sales Manager/Owner of Reprographic Technologies (formerly Rowley-Scher Reprographics, Inc.) He also served as Vice President/General Manager/Owner of NGI Baltimore, Inc., additionally he served as President/CEO of CDI Baltimore, Inc., and has been consulting Baltimore area A/E/C customers for more than 45 years.

Since 2000 Bill Sparwasser has been partnered with Gardens Reproductive Arts, Inc., dba/Gardens Reprographics and Gardens Imaging Solutions, as the result of a merger of Gardens and CDI Baltimore, Inc. (formerly, NGI Baltimore, Inc.). Through his diverse understanding of the Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Development Industries as well as the Manufacturing and State and Federal business opportunities he has successfully expanded the customer base of Gardens.

As we are looking forward to the next 100 years of business opportunity here in the Baltimore area. We are excited by our NEW business model and direction. Our industry has seen many changes over the past 45 years. Some of the changes have been challenging and even stressful. As we look at the future of our industry post COVID-19 we are again experiencing many new and different challenges.

As we move our business into a different direction, we are certain we will find many new business opportunities in the future! Our primary focus in 2022 will be entering into the wide format high quality color graphics market. As well as continuing our strives in the document management document distribution and archiving industries. While our traditional printing services will be maintained we will be keeping a close eye on the types of products and services our customers will require to maintain their positions in their respective markets.

Our partner in the business is my son William (BJ) Sparwasser, II. BJ has been in the industry since 1998 while going to school and developing the skills needed to assist in taking us to the next level within our industry. His vast experience with the CADD arena as well as his strong database base development and his website development shills are tools we are going to require as we move forward.

Since 1998 BJ has been successful at developing strong productive relationships with our clients as their one-on-one technical consultant on their projects. BJ has assumed the role as our manager of our Virtual Plan Room and as such he has assisted our team of designers in the final development of this service as well as the advancement of future services we will be offering to our customers.

BJ Sparwasser is our Vice President/Chief Operations Officer of the company. His input and drive forward will give us the edge we need to carry the business into the future. It is very important should you have any questions or need assistance please feel free to call either BJ or myself at 410-539-2763 or we can be emailed at the following addresses:

President/CEO William L Sparwasser:
Vice President/COO BJ Sparwasser:

In advance, thanks you for your business and opportunity to serve your Imaging Needs!


William (Bill) Sparwasser

William (Bill) Sparwasser
BJ Sparwasser
Vice President/COO
Gardens Imaging Solutions, Inc.