Color Graphics using The Canon Colorado Printer

What is UVgel technology? 

UVgel technology is a new and innovative process specially developed to combine excellent printing quality, high performance and fast drying time, all in one process. A breakthrough in printing performance, the UVgel technology eliminates any compromises you’d typically make when choosing from latex, eco-solvent, or conventional UV solutions 

How does it work? 

Rather than printing with traditional inks, the technology heats UVgel inside the piezo-electric printheads and turns the gel into a liquid. The controlled platen maintains the substrate at 28 degrees, irrespective of environmental factors. Once the gel has made contact with the media, it returns to its gel state and is ‘pinned’ to the media, assisted by a partial LED ‘precure’ process. The image is then formed and gelled onto the media, with full LED curing then taking place. 

Why is it important? 

The large format graphics market is rapidly changing, and consumers are now expecting faster turnaround times and increasing their volumes. These consumer changes remain key drivers for businesses investing in new technologies in order to solve current issues within their operations. Canon’s new UVgel technology is the market leading solution for high productivity and efficiency, offering no comprises around quality and durability as a result. 

The advantages 

  • The UVgel process brings with it multiple productivity and quality benefits:
  • The use of the gel rather than ink prevents any ink from merging, delivering high quality images and very precise dot gain.
  • With a precise dot gain, ink can be deposited in fewer passes resulting in enhanced productivity, speed, and color accuracy. 
  • The gel produces low-odor prints, great for applications used indoors. 
  • The need for immediate curing is removed, meaning productivity is greatly increased.
  • Prints are instantly dry, requiring no evaporative drying process. 
  • The prints are produced at a low temperate, using low energy.
  • The prints are very robust, reducing the need for lamination. 
FLXfinish technology

 Along with UVgel technology, the Canon Colorado series also provides FLX finish technology. This unique technology enables the production of   both high gloss and smooth, velvety matt prints, without the need for changing ink or media.