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Gardens, has for more than 103 years been the provider of high-quality printer media from several of the world’s leaders in wide format paper manufacturing. As the printing industry continues to change so does our approach to this industry. It is very important to understand that we only offer for sale the same products we use every day in our production facilities. Simply because of our hands on experience with the various products that our vendors offer, that provide a high level of quality and service at affordable prices to our customers are proven materials we use every day! 

 We only offer products that will accomplish the tasks set forth in your wide format black and white Architectural and Engineering needs as well as your high-quality wide format color graphic requirements. For more than 103 years you have come to trust and respect the products and services offered by Gardens. To review the product line, we offer to the Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Development, Graphic Design, Government and Manufacturing professionals by selecting the link below. This link will provide you with a wide array of services and products that are available. Should you have any questions or desire to make a purchase please feel free to contact our offices via email at or call us at 410-539-2763. 

 Soon we will be adding the ability to order your material online and make your purchase with a credit card as well as arrange the product delivery directly to your office from the comfort of your desk. 

 Thank you for giving Gardens Imaging Solutions, Inc., the opportunity to continue to service your graphic needs. 


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Current Printing Paper Product Infomration
Gardens will attempt to keep this list of media up to date as the industry is forever changing. To see our current list select the more infomation tab below for a copy of our catalog.
Current Printing Paper Pricing Information
Based on the current economic conditions and the issues within the world markets. Pricing changes everyday. 

Within the past year we have experienced 3 seperate price increases. These iocreases varied from 6% to 18% depending on our vender,  product  and supply and demand concerns. 

For pricing and deliverability of any product we ask you to contact our center at 410-539-2763 or email us at for this specific information.